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Making Learning & Fun Accessible

R2D2 Monopoly

We believe that being differently-abled does not mean you should miss out on the every day joys and experiences of being a kid or not have every opportunity to learn and grow in an educational environment with peers.  This can be challenging when you have physical limitations, learn in a way unlike others, or need special tools to participate.  Our Pheonix was very fortunate to have access to some incredible tools that helped him move, communicate, and participate in activities with friends. Our goal is to help provide classrooms and students with those kinds of tools and technology so they too can grow to their full potential, push past boundaries, and really enjoy being a kid!  We are featuring on this page the items that we are purchasing and donating to classrooms with funds raised in honor of our Pheonix and the amazing life he led.  We hope to keep this page growing with the kind generosity of our community and others who may find our page that are inspired by our cause.

Nabi Big Tab 20″ – touchscreen tablet – donated 4!
talking brix
Talking Brix for communication – donated 2 sets of 3!
Sensory switch – activates fan and plays music
Clear Sound  Headphones – donated 6!
Jelly Bean Button for Switch activated devices – donated 6!
Mother’s 3rd Arm – bendable, mounted switch to activate devices – donated 3!

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